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One Years Laundry Detergent

March 15th, 2019



3 bars Fels Naptha, grated ($1.33 x 3)

1 box Borax  ($5.85  -  76 ounces)

1 box Washing Soda ($4.07  -  55 ounces)

2 cups of baking soda ($0.53 cents)

2 containers of Dollar Tree Oxyclean (I bought mine at Family Dollar store…SUN Brand…$4.00 each)

1-2 containers of Purex fabric softener crystals ($6.97  -  28 ounces)*optional 


Use 2 tablespoons per load. Put it right in the barrel if you have an HE washer

To grate the bars of soap I decided to make it easier on myself and use my ancient Hamilton Beach food processor. I figured if it broke in the process it would give me a good excuse to get a new one! But fortunately (unfortunately?) it handled the soap just fine. I would offer one tip though if you decide to use your food processor to “grate” your soap: add something else to the bowl to aid in the process. I added a cup of the SUN Oxygen Bleach to each bar when I processed it. It seemed to help the blades do their job better.

My only other tip for this recipe has to do with the “mixing”. Once you add everything, you have a LOT of ingredients to mix together. I decided to put it all in a kitchen garbage bag (doubled) and tumble it all together. Just tie it off tight and turn it over a handful of times and you’re good to go! Now you have a nicely integrated batch of laundry detergent that should last a family of four ONE YEAR!